19 août 2005

Nice sprained ankle and nice girl in wheelchair

sp  wheel

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Nice, nice, nice


I think she's hot!

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18 août 2005

Some pics for you

airshoe1 122117210pahacm_ph 110573482 207187799asgeqk_ph sock1 11 18 19 3 afocrut aircastgothic cr

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I hope you enjoy...

I love girls and young women and i love girls with sprained ankle. I love crutches, i love sock, i love aircast, i love barefoot, i love one foot shoeless, i love Ace bandage, i love swelled ankle, i love. I am a sprain fanatic and i hope you enjoy with my pics. I buy them around the world and i hope you give me some of them for all the sprain lovers...

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